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Research 1999

This page lists research briefs that were published in 1999.

Women in teaching: equal opportunities RB 5/1999 PDF 68 KB

The overall objective of the study was to identify the barriers - actual or perceived - to womens progression to higher posts, including posts attracting responsibility points, so that the employing authorities can devise appropriate action plans for change.

D.E.N.I Funded Research 1998/99 RB 4/1999 PDF 87 KB

This Research Briefing provides information on projects commenced in 1998/99 funded by the Department. Details of funded projects from previous years which were still in progress at the start of the year are also provided.

Literature Review: Integrated Education in Northern Ireland RB 3/1999 PDF 86 KB

This review seeks to examine a cross section of issues relating to the integrated schools and how they fit into the educational structure in Northern Ireland.

Supporting newly qualified teachers in Post-Primary Schools RB 2/1999 PDF 58 KB

This research examines existing support provided for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in post-primary schools in Northern Ireland. Information was collected by questionnaire surveys and interviews, focusing on newly qualified teachers, Heads of Department, teacher tutors and induction officers from the five Education and Library Boards.

Northern Ireland suspension and expulsion study (1996/97) RB 1/1999 PDF 75 KB

The research was divided into two phases and had two broad aims. Phase 1 was a monitoring exercise in which suspensions and expulsions in all schools in Northern Ireland were recorded during the academic year 1996/97 by the project. Phase 2 involved a survey of schools and investigated the suspension and expulsion process at school level with a focus on how pupils who pose behavioural problems are managed within the school system.