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Research 2001

This page lists research briefings that were published in 2001.

An investigation of the provision for health education in schools during 1998/99 RB 3/2001PDF 155 KB

The primary aim of this study was to provide baseline information on the perceptions, attitudes and practices of ‘managers’ (health education co-ordinators) and teachers in respect of the management and delivery of health education in primary and post-primary schools.

Assessment of the effectiveness of the Youth Service Community Relations Support Scheme (YSCRSS) during 1998/1999 and 1999/2000, in relation to the needs of Youth and Community groups RB 2/2001 PDF 152 KB

This research examines the effectiveness of cross community work for young people and considers the quality and quantity of opportunities as well as the strengths and weaknesses of current provision.

Department of Education funded research RB 1/2001 PDF 154 KB

This Research Briefing provides information on projects commenced in 2000/01 funded by the Department of Education. Details of funded projects from previous years which were still in progress at the start of the year are also provided.