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Religious Education Core Syllabus

Religious Education (RE) is a compulsory part of the Northern Ireland curriculum,although parents have the right to withdraw their child from part or all of RE or collective worship. Schools have to provide RE in accordance with the core syllabus drawn up by the four main churches and specified by the Department. The Department specified a revised core syllabus in June 2007, which will be phased in from September 2007, beginning with Years 1,5,8 and 11. You can access the Revised Core Syllabus by clicking on the link below:

The revised RE core syllabus includes Christianity, morality and for the first time, World Religions and a  requirement at Key Stage 4 for pupils to study The Christian Church from both a Protestant and a Roman Catholic perspective. It provides a common core for the teaching of RE that schools are free to build upon in a way that suits the needs of their pupils and the ethos of the school. This is in keeping with the greater flexibility being provided by the revised curriculum and gives schools scope to include, for example, additional material on World religions or any other RE related subject matter.

The revised core syllabus will be supported by teaching materials developed with the support of a representative advisory group co - chaired by the Churches and the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA).

Background to the Revised Core Syllabus

The Revised Core Syllabus was prepared by the Four Main Churches and their proposals were accepted by the Department following an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)

You can view the EQIA Results Document and the formal response by using the following links:

You can access the draft consultation document using the link below.