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Education Statistics

Statistics and Research Team collects a number of statistics relating to schools, pupils and teachers. These are gathered to meet the statistical needs of the Department of Education, informing policy development, implementation and evaluation. The main data collection exercises include the annual School Census Exercise, the Summary of Annual Examination Results, the School Leavers' Survey, and annual returns on school meals, suspensions and school workforce.

Information we can provide

The Team maintains a number of detailed education datasets, including data on:

school enrolments

pupil attendance

teacher numbers

pupil: teacher ratios

school leavers' qualifications and destinations

school performance

school meals

pupil suspensions and expulsions

Information related to these datasets is released via statistical release on a regular basis, although an ad hoc analysis service is also available.  If you require information that is additional to that already published, please contact us.  We will conduct special analysis of data held upon request, where it is appropriate.  A small charge may be associated with this.

All statistics produced by the Department are regarded as official statistics.  Most of these: school enrolments, pupil attendance statistics, school performance statistics, school leavers' qualifications and destinations, teacher numbers and pupil:teacher ratios  have been assessed and designated as 'National Statistics'.  More information about this assessment process is available here.  In addition to the National Statistics mentioned, we also hold information on school meals and Key Stage Assessment results.

Statistics produced by Statistics and Research Branch are produced in accordance with the 'Framework for National Statistics' and comply with the principles embodied in the 'UK Statistics Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics'.  Geographical representations of Northern Ireland education statistics may also be accessed on the Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service (NINIS) part of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency  website.  

Further statistics relating to Northern Ireland, and to education statistics in England, Scotland and Wales can be found using the appropriate links.