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Pupil teacher ratios

The Department of Education conducts an annual exercise to produce pupil: teacher ratios for all grant-aided schools in Northern Ireland. This involves verification of teacher numbers with individual schools. Pupil figures are taken from the Annual School Census.

The following tables present analyses of pupil: teacher ratios for Northern Ireland.

PTRs by Education and Library Board ((ELB) area, school type and management type 2013/14 Excel 50KB

PTRs by school type and management type 2004/05 - 2013/14 Excel 49 KB

PTRs for individual schools in Northern Ireland 2013/14 Excel 274KB

Statistical releases issued by the Department, in relation to pupil: teacher ratios can be accessed here.

The processes and procedures involved in the Pupil: Teacher Ratio data collection can be accessed via the following web link.

Teacher workforce statistics: information and procedures PDF 153kb

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