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Guide to governor roles and responsibilities

Every School a Good School - The Governors' Role

This Guide provides you with details of school governor roles and responsibilities. You can view the information in the PDF documents.

The main points of the Guide are in the:

Guide documents:

If you print the Guide, you may also wish to print a cover page

New resource for school governors

Minister for Education, John O'Dowd, recently launched new resources to make it easier for you to access the information you need to carry out your school governor role effectively.

In addition to the detailed ‘Guide for School Governors’ you now have access to a bespoke web portal and an App.

You can download the App from the Google Play Store (for Android users) and from the iTunes Store (for Apple users). You can access the new web portal on the Education Authority website.

DE Circular 2010/18 'Every School a Good School - the Governors' Role'

This circular introduces the online Guide for governors and contains a brief summary of each chapter in the Guide: