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Youth capital funding

Voluntary Sector

The Department of Education (DE) pays capital grants towards facilities for Youth Voluntary Organisations.

To be eligible your organisation must be registered with the Education Authority (formally your Education and Library Board) or receive funding from the Youth Council for Northern Ireland and be able to demonstrate the operation of a Youth Service Programme for at least 9 hours per week for a minimum of 30 weeks per annum.

Grant aid can assist with the costs of refurbishing premises, improving facilities or access for people with disabilities, bringing the property up to current health, safety and fire authority standards, towards child protection measures or meeting needs of young people within Section 75/those at greater risk of social exclusion/marginalisation.

Youth Grant Recovery

As a means of protecting public investment these capital grants are awarded with conditions attached, which will be specified in a 'Letter of Undertaking' or 'Deed of Covenant and Charge', agreed between the Department and Trustees of the Voluntary Youth Organisation.

The amount of grant awarded will determine the conditions. For example awards over £150,000 will require a legally binding 'Deed of Covenant and Charge' usually lasting for 22 years. If a Youth Organisation does not fulfil the conditions within the specified time, a proportion of the grant may be repayable to the Department.

The authority of the Department to both award and recover grant is laid out in Legislation - The Youth Service (Northern Ireland)order 1989. Full details can be found by clicking the following link:

Youth Capital Funding Scheme for Voluntary Organisations 2013/2014.


Following a call for Youth Capital Funding Schems for Voluntary Organisations in April 2013 64 applications were received. A total of 53 applications were successful.  The approximate total value of these schemes is £12million. It is anticipated that the spend for these schemes will be spread between 2014/15 and 2015/16 financial years.

Schemes that exceed £150,000 will require a business case and planning approval before they can be progressed, in total 24 schemes fall into this category. It is envisaged that a contractor will not be on site for these schemes for at least 12-18 months. A further 29 applications were received with estimated costs under £150,000.;these schemes may be progressed in a shorter timescale.

All applicants were notified on 14 November 2013 the outcome for their scheme. Below is an alphabetical list of the successful schemes which will now be taken to the next stage of the process.

For Information Only you can access a copy of the 2013/14 Application pack:

Voluntary Youth Capital 2013/2014 Guidelines and Application Form PDF 119KB

If you require further information about the Scheme please contact:

Estate Operations Team
Department of Education
Rathgael House
43 Balloo Road
BT19 7PR


Local: 028 9127 9452

International: +44 (0)28 9127 9452


The Education Authority

The Department makes a capital allocation to the Education Authority to assist in improving facilities for the Youth Service.

Further information is available from the Education Authority.

The links to the Education Authority is as follows -

Education Authority

Please also find below link to the Youth Council