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Research 1997

This page lists research briefings that were published in 1997.

Staying on in full-time Education in Northern Ireland: An economic analysis RB 6/1997 PDF 198 KB  

This research investigates the factors which influence educational participation in Northern Ireland.

A review of research evidence on the apparent underachievement of boys RB 5/1997 PDF 181 KB  

An examination of evidence on educational attainment in a variety of jurisdictions, including Britain, the United States, the European Union and Northern Ireland, in addition to evidence on broader global patterns.

An Initial analysis of the impact of formula funding and local management of schools RB 4/1997 PDF 75 KB  

This research set out to identify the extent to which the introduction of the Local Management of Schools (LMS) and formula-funding have affected the internal organisation and management of schools.

Diversification of the first foreign language - a review of the literature RB 3/1997 PDF 57 KB  

This literature review draws upon UK sources relevant to diversification, that is, the teaching of languages other than French in the early years of post-primary education.

A follow-up survey of teachers who qualified in 1991 and 1992 RB 2/1997 PDF 248 KB  

Annual monitoring of the employment situation of teachers who qualified in Northern Ireland revealed that in the early 1990s only about half were finding permanent posts on qualification. Concern about possible wastage and a wish to know more about career patterns in the early years of teaching led to this follow-up survey.

DENI funded research 1996/97 RB 1/1997 PDF 92 KB  

This Research Briefing provides information on projects commenced in 1996/97 funded by the Department of Education. Details of funded projects from previous years which were still in progress at the start of the year are also provided.