Priority 2 (Employment)

Measure 4 (Improving Opportunities for Lifelong Learning)

Sustaining Engagement At Learning (SEAL) Programme - This measure is designed to tackle under-achievement and absenteeism in the schools system. It is targeted at young people at risk of under-achieving or dropping out of the education system.

The measure is seen as a precursor to developing a culture of lifelong learning in Northern Ireland. Its goal is to contribute towards the creation of a learning and knowledge based society.

The main actions in meeting this objective are: Criteria for project selection are:

The Department of Education will apply the horizontal principles as specified in Section 2 of the Programme Complement.

Progress will be measured on:

As PAMP develops the impact on attendance will be measured.

The Education and Library Boards EWS are responsible for operation of the programme. All of the funds in this Measure will support the Department of Education SEAL programme.

This Measure will be funded from European Social Fund (ESF) grant of up to 65 percent of eligible expenditure. The total value is €35.13 m. The EU contribution from ESF is €22.8366 m with €12.2934 m match funding from the Department.

The funds will be allocated to eligible projects during the period 2000 to 2006 and final allocations will be available for spending up to 31 December 2008.

For more information go to the BSP Measure 2.4 target indicators page.

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