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Shared Education Campuses Programme

Shared Education Campuses Programme

The Minister for Education launched the Shared Education Campuses Programme in January 2014.  Under the Programme the Department is seeking to invest in innovative projects involving the need for new shared facilities.

The Programme will deliver on one of the strategic headline actions from the Executive's ‘Together: Building a United Community’ initiative announced by the First Minister and deputy First Minister in May 2013 – the commencement of 10 new Shared Education Campuses by 2018.

The Programme is aimed at providing capital assistance to schools to facilitate and deliver the following types of sharing:

  • Shared educational facilities – where new facilities are built to allow for shared educational use by all schools within the model.
  • Enhanced educational facilities – where current facilities are improved to allow for shared educational use by all schools within the model.
  • Shared Educational Campuses – where schools are co-located and share infrastructure i.e. the Lisanelly model.

The Shared Education Campuses Programme has been screened for equality impacts and has been screened out. The screening document can be found below.

Equality Screening - Shared Education Campuses Programme PDF 1.84MB

First Call for Expressions of Interest

The first call for Expressions of Interest in the Programme ran from January to March 2014.  The Minister announced the first 3 projects to be supported under the Programme on 1 July 2014 and they are now proceeding to the planning stage.

Second Call for Expressions of Interest

The second call for Expressions of Interest closed on 30 January 2015

Applications are now being assessed. An announcement on the next round of shared education campuses is expected in the Autumn 2015.  Projects selected to go forward to the next stage of planning will undergo feasibility studies and economic appraisals with funding subject to agreement on access to required capital funding.  

Shared Education Campuses Programme Protocol Document (PDF. 400kb)