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Shared Education Campuses Programme

The Minister for Education has launched a new Shared Education Campus Programme. Under the programme the Department is seeking to invest in innovative projects involving the need for new shared facilities.

The Programme has been announced by the Minister as part of the Executive's ‘Together building a United Community’ initiative announced by the First Minister and deputy First Minister in May 2013.

The programme is aimed at providing capital assistance to schools to facilitate and deliver the following types of sharing:

  • Shared facilities – where new facilities are built to allow for shared use by all schools within the model.
  • Enhanced facilities – where current facilities are improved to allow for shared use by all schools within the model.
  • Shared Campus – where schools are co-located and share infrastructure i.e. the Lisanelly model.

Proposals under the programme should be endorsed by the relevant Managing Authorities for the schools involved and must be submitted through the Chief Executive of the relevant school planning authority i.e. the local Education and Library Board.

Application to the Shared Education Campuses Programme can be made by completing the application form, contained in the protocol document, which will form the Strategic Outline Case for the project. Projects will be sifted and selected on the basis of the information provided in this application.  Projects selected for detailed consideration will be provided with assistance to work up a detailed business case for consideration and approval.  Only after approval of the detailed business case and subject to availability of funding at that time will projects be permitted to move to award of contract.

The indicative timetable for the first call under the Shared Education Campuses Programme is as follows:

  • May 2013 –  OFMDFM Minister’s Statement to Assembly – announcing work on 10 shared education campuses will be commenced within the next 5 years, building on the project proposals for Lisanelly
  • January 2014 - Call for Expressions of Interest – , the Department issues letter to school authorities setting out process, copying the approved protocol, programme application form and confirming the programme timetable
  • 31 March 2014 – deadline for submission of proposals by School Planning Authorities;
  • June 2014 – Announcement of programme; Selected proposals advised to proceed in planning, including securing professional team as required

The Shared Education Campuses Programme Protocol document can be found at the link below: